Convert your cassette recordings to CD format

Send us your old cassette tape, we will digitise it and deliver you a brand new shiny CD or convert to MP3 format. Preserving your precious recordings for the future.

Can a cassette tape be turned into a CD? The answer is YES and LiVEWYRE Studio can do it for you

Recordings that have been made in analogue form on a conventional cassette recorder can be turned into digital format. Digital formats can be played on a variety of digital devices. We can convert from audio cassette to CD or a digital format such as MP3. LiVEWYRE Studio offers you the opportunity to bring your old analogue recordings right into the digital age and preserve them for the future.

LiVEWYRE Studio offers a mail-order service to convert your cassette tapes into CD or MP3 format.

LiVEWYRE CDs are an inexpensive way of preserving your precious recordings for the future. We offer a customer-led professional, confidential service. We pride ourselves on meeting your specific needs where we can. If you have any questions or suggestions about services on offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Client confidentiality and data protection are a priority. We don’t share your information or your recordings with any third party. We are careful not to store any private information in a way that is accessible to a third party. We have a strict policy concerning copyright issues. Please refer to the copyright section of this website to learn more about the legality of copying tapes onto CD. LiVEWYRE Studio will not knowingly contravene copyright laws, and will seek to uphold the law wherever possible. From only £8.50 for a single track / or £13.25 for an entire cassette up to a maximum of 80 minutes – Click here to find out more If you have any questions about services offered by LiVEWYRE Studio please get in touch.

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We've done it all... Childhood recordings, Historical Memoirs, Hypnosis and Self-Help recordings, Bands you used to be in... just about everything that people have committed to tape, we have converted to CD and MP3. Each tape is converted with great care and respect whatever the contents.

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