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LiVEWYRE Studio provide a cassette to CD mail order service for turning your old analogue cassette tapes into digital format. This may take the form of an audio CD or MP3 files.

cassette to CDCassette to CD

Our most common requests are for audio CD, but MP3s can also be provided, burned to CD or DVD. It is also possible for us to email small MP3 files, or offer them for download.

When stocks allow, we use casstte tapes to CDprintable CDs, allowing us to print images and text onto the surface. A printed CD makes a great present or keepsake. You can send us a cassette of your old band, and have it printed to look like a commercial CD.

When converting a cassette to CD, we offer a highly personalised service. You may ask us to edit the recording to suit your requirements. In most cases, a similar project will have been undertaken before. LiVEWYRE have edited recordings to be used as commentary for live performance. We converted several hypnotherapy tapes. We have made CDs out of childhood and family conversation tapes, personal memoirs and just about any other type of recording you can think of.

Digital Formats

Increasingly, MP3 files are popular due to the cassette tape conversionnumber of devices they will play on. We often get requests for MP3 rather than CD. We can burn MP3s to a CD if required (this will play in a lot of modern car audio systems).

If a project comprises multiple recordings, we can burn the recordings to DVD because they can typically hold up to about 10 hours of MP3 files at low bit-rate.

Bit-rate is the ‘density’ of the MP3 file. The normal bit-rate for an MP3 file is 128 mbps (Megabits per second). We tend to use 192 mbps for MP3s because this offers ‘near CD’ quality. If recordings are of speech only, 32 mbps will provide a usable recording whilst saving a lot of disk-space. If required, we are happy to provide the same files in a range of bit-rates. This means that you can have a set of MP3s to play on a favourite device, and a set that you could more easily email to friends and family.

Whatever your specific cassette to CD requirements are, we will do our best to offer you a personal, tailored service without charging the earth. Find out more...