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We operate a strict policy on copyright infringement when we convert cassettes to CD.
There are no copyright problems with simple home recordings, recordings of your own music or your own band. Although it might be an issue if you are planning to sell copies of your own band covering other people’s copyrighted works.

We operate the following guidelines when we convert cassettes to CD:

convert cassettes to CD commercialIf you send us a tape such as the one illustrated here on the left – we will ask you to accept certain restrictions.

Where you have this type of commercially copyrighted tape, we can make a single copy for you. This is strictly for your own private use, on the proviso that the tape and CD are treated as one entity.

This means that you should not sell or give away one (tape) without including the other (CD). You must also undertake not to copy the CD.

convert cassettes to CD home recording Where a commercial recording has been copied onto a blank tape, we must ask you not to send us tapes to convert to CD. We will not knowingly operate outside of the confines of copyright law.

I many cases, the tapes we receive are ‘home recordings’. If you have recorded yourself, friends or family onto a blank cassette like this, there is no copyright issue. We have converted tapes for lots of ‘garage bands’ as well as just simple home ‘family’ recordings. We have also been involved in lots of other projects in just about every sphere you can imagine!

Please note ‘fair use’ or ‘fair dealing’ laws in the UK Copyright Law fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.

Get in touch if further clarification is required – we are happy to talk through the various options available to keep us both on the right side of copyright law.

Please also take note of our policies and  our pricing pages.