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We aim to keep our prices competitive and reasonable. Our charges include recording and edit time for your tapes, a brand new CDR and return postage.

we can turn Your old cassette tapes into a digital recording on a CD for as little as £8.50.

Our CD recordings are an improvement on tapes in that the sound is ‘cleaner’, and we can separate it into ‘tracks’ for ease of navigation.

We apply track-identification and cleaning processes to your cassette recordings, enabling us to remove hiss and unwanted noise. We will do our best to identify natural breaks in the recording to set as CD ‘tracks’. These services are offered as standard along with other audio enhancements as required.

We have worked out prices to keep things as simple as possible, and we include return postage for your tapes. We also offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Subject to availability, we can supply printed CDs. These can be embellished with your preferred text or image.


We apply a Special rate charge for a short recording  (up to 15 mins): £8.50.

We charge a Standard rate for cassette tapes with up to 80 minutes playing time: £13.25.

80 minutes is the maximum playing time for a standard audio CD. If your tape is longer, we can provide a recording split over two CDs. This will cost an additional £1.75.

We are more than happy to quote for ‘bulk’ rate jobs for multiple tapes. We are also adept at creating custom jobs. Let us know exactly what you need in terms of CD editing, and we will try our best to comply with your wishes.

Please note LiVEWYRE is not VAT registered. Businesses will not be able to reclaim VAT on our invoices.

These prices apply to UK only. Email us for details of worldwide services, or click here to learn about our terms and conditions.

We accept personal (UK) cheques, BACS or PayPal payments. You can send a cheque with your tape(s) (Made out to ‘J.P.Brown’), or we can invoice you when the job is complete. Either way, we don’t take payment until we know you are satisfied with your recordings.
Where the sender owns the copyright, we can provide extra copies for £1.75 per CD.  We can offer discounts for bulk orders.

For more on copyright, please check our copyright page.